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Düd. I see what you mean about Chardin taking a long time to read. I bought a used copy of this book when I was last at Powell's Books and dang, now I know why I find it so intimidating. Every sentence is so packed with prose and meaning. I'm going to do a close reading (read it 3 or 4 times) and then come back to this space to share once I have my mind wrapped around it. Thanks for sharing! Let's get "She makes her own soul" shirts made.

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this was lovely! and so thought provoking. The final paragraph was the most stirring for me. I keep hearing the words: "She makes her own soul..."

To turn this sort of fixed idea of destiny or purpose on its head. We are not born of or with or for some preordained soul with an already defined destiny. What if we create our soul as we go along.... Evolving daily, in the same slow way the rest of nature does: molding and shaping as we go. Breathing the world, and our very souls, into existence. Breathing our souls INTO purpose. Instead of finding our purpose or fulfilling our purpose

This thought also occurred to me recently after working through a rather rough period of time:

“And then, I remembered who I am. And I felt this sense of power enter my body from all directions.”

But maybe, it’s not that you ever forgot who you are - that being that IS, is always growing and shaping and changing. That will be inherently disorienting. But maybe it’s that you forgot how to keep creating yourself.

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